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On-page SEO isn't for the 
faint of heart

it's for the detail-oriented. This aspect of search engine optimization deals with the minutiae of websites: the tiny details of a webpage that make your site’s individual pages easier to read for both the search engine bots that rank them and the audience members that visit them.

Generally, our on-page SEO work will deal with two types of on-page elements: content elements and technical elements.

This can involve an analysis of:
  • Keywords
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Internal linking
  • Title tags
  • Content quality
and more!
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The content elements we look into have to do with a website’s keyword optimization, content quality, and title tags. All three deal with a website’s readability for both web crawlers and audience members.

You may have heard this 1000X before, and we guarantee that you’ll hear it a 1000X more in the SEO community: high-quality content is key. Google’s promise to its users is that the results it shows all contain high-quality content since this type of content have proven to be the most informative, authoritative, and relevant to a user’s query.

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Our on-page SEO strategy got Smith & Eulo 20% growth month over month.

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