Higher Hire

An SEO audit begins a new chapter for this job listing site

  • 22x increase in organic traffic after audit

Jan. 2021 - present

The Problem

The words quick and SEO don’t usually go together. But in the case of Higher Hire, a job listing startup, the results came quicker than quick.

Higher Hire gets almost all their traffic from Google for Jobs, Google’s search engine exclusively for jobs.

They wanted more of this traffic, but couldn’t find someone knowledgeable enough about Google Jobs and advanced technical SEO.

What We Did

We delivered to them a concise, clear audit laying out the biggest problems plaguing their site and how to fix them.

We addressed issues related to URL structure, https, manual actions, page content, and indexing.

The Results

The team at Higher Hire implemented our suggestions and immediately saw that Google liked it. A lot.

Traffic steadily increased for two months until the site was getting 22x as much traffic as before the audit. For a site whose revenue is tied almost entirely to organic traffic volume, you can do the math on how this affected their bottom line.