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You’re a busy plastic surgeon that wants new patients

Word-of-mouth and professional referrals aren’t cutting it?

Paper Box SEO is an award-winning digital marketing company that can deliver those patients and more, using modern, data-driven SEO strategies--with no contract required.


So, you wanna be on top?

As a plastic surgeon, you understand the nature of competition--and so do we.

Today’s market demands a business’s marketing strategy be on the razor-sharp edge of current trends--and it's no different for medical professionals with their practices. After 2020's move towards online business and eCommerce, staying ahead of the game means employing strategies aimed at accessing the ever-growing digital marketplace or risk being left behind.

Did you know that 75% of Google users won’t go past the first page of search results? And of those first page links, the top five URLs will receive more than half of all web traffic? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing a website's on- and off-page content to get onto Google’s first page of search results.

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By working with Paper Box SEO to optimize your content

you’ll be investing in your future success. Get ahead of the competition with our incomparable services, and data-driven SEO strategies, such as:

Local SEO
Optimized Content Writing
Keyword Research
Technical SEO
Link Building
SEO Consulting

Competitive Online Strategies for Plastic Surgeons

Google receives more than 1 billion health questions a day--89% of patients turn to Google before contacting their doctor. A patient wants to know what they should expect regarding situations like, “nose job results”, “breast augmentation after-care”, and “how to prepare for a rhinoplasty”, so they turn online for answers.

We take advantage of this opportunity to enrich your website with knowledgeable, well-researched copy that positions you as a top authority on these subjects. When a potential patient visits your page to read a post on “Brazillian butt lift side effects”, they’ll recognize your command of the subject, leading to more traffic, conversions, and ROI for your practice. By using keyword searches and optimized techniques, our exceptional copy will put you ahead of your competitors.

Game-Changing Local SEO

Paper Box understands that plastic surgery practices serve their local communities, so it’s not in your best interest for your services to appear in the Google search results of users in Columbia Falls, Montana, when your practice is in Boston, Massachusetts. Even if you travel to work in several spots around the country, we utilize Local SEO in optimizing the ranking of your plastic surgery website to attract more patients.

Local SEO refers to content that has been optimized to appear when a potential patient searches for services, products, and more, “near me”. This market can be incredibly aggressive since the pool of competitors is much smaller. But Paper Box knows just what to do. We employ a variety of techniques to make our clients stand out in localized searches.

Long-tail keyword enriched copy

These are highly specific keywords that allow Google to point more users in the right direction, like when a user searches for, "plastic surgeon rhinoplasty lane county or" and other phrases. By including these long-tail words in the strategic locations of your website, your localized traffic will increase.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)

When we add your business’s name, address, and phone number to your Google listings and pertinent website pages, we help Google recognize your practice’s meritability and geographical location, thus ranking you higher in local searches.

Virtual offices

Virtual offices are great for targeting users in a practice area where you may not have a physical office. This way you still get local patients, even when you’re working somewhere else temporarily, seasonally, or otherwise.

Google My Business

These profiles are managed by Google, which uses them to find out exactly who you are so they can show your services to the correct parties.

Don’t let your plastic surgery practice suffer from out-dated referral techniques and dull website content.

Get started with Paper Box SEO today and benefit from our efficient and successful SEO strategies.

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