Gift Kosher

E-commerce shop explodes in popularity

  • 467% year over year growth in organic sales
  • 300% increase in organic visibility in less than one year
Aug.2020 - May 2023

Gift Kosher Needed Sales Quickly

Gift Kosher was created so people could order fresh Kosher gift baskets and snacks online. Those who knew about them loved them, but not many people knew about them. 

They hired us shortly before the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah.Their hope was to improve their organic rankings in time totake advantage of all the orders placed on the holiday. SEO is usually not theroute for quick results, but we took on the challenge.

What We Did

Over the course of a month, we overhauled everything from their meta descriptions to internal linking and product descriptions. We were able to get them an initial bump in rankings that boosted their visibility in time for the holiday.

Short Term Success

That Rosh Hashanah, they sold 25x more products than the previous year, all thanks to the organic traffic we brought in.

Long Term Success

After 9 more months of content creation, on-page optimization and link building, Gift Kosher ranked in the top 3 results for their 30 most important target keywords, including their dream keywords: Kosher gift baskets.

16 months in, they ranked #1 for their highest volume keywords.

Today, Gift Kosher is the leading kosher gift basket company in the U.S. They’ve had so much success with SEO that they started two offshoot brands, Shiva Sympathy and Challah Online, and had us manage the SEO for them.