AGC Education

B2B E-commerce Site Goes from 0 traffic to a Profitable SEO Campaign in 1 Year

  • 10x growth in target keyword visibility in 1 year
  • 18x year-over-year growth in organic traffic
March 2022 - present

Hitting the Ground Running

When AGC Education approached us, they had just changed their name, rebranded and moved to a new domain name. In almost every way, they were starting SEO from scratch.

We found their old domain name had several high quality backlinks leading to it, so the first thing we did was redirect their old domain to their new one. We even reached out to some of these linking sites to get them to update the anchor text to the company’s new name.

Here are some of the most effective SEO strategies we employed:

  • Identified their products with the most opportunity by looking at search volume, competition and historical conversion rate
  • Rewrote all of the site’s product descriptions
  • Started blogging about educational products
  • Built relevant links to category pages

3 months in, we began to see positive movement for keyword rankings.

Low volume keywords, high value sales

AGC Education sells niche products like laminators, poster making machines and sublimation stations. These terms aren’t searched a whole lot on search engines, but the customers for these products(AKA school districts) tend to buy in bulk.


By strategically targeting these low volume, high value keywords, we increased AGC’s visibility for target keywords by 1,000%.


By the time schools started ordering for the2023-2024 school year, the orders flooded in and their SEO campaign became profitable.

Continued Success

Today, we continue to send school districts around the country to AGC Education’s doorstep. We look forward to helping them grow their customer base and organic online presence for many school years to come.