West & Willow

Every picture tells a story

  • 1,900% increase in target keyword traffic in 4 months
  • From virtually no search engine visibility to #1 result for "custom pet portraits"
  • In top 5 rankings for all target keywords
Jan. 2020 - present
Photo of a dog in front of a west and willow product
Photo of west and willow products

Picture this

By 2020, West & Willow had established themselves as a clean, modern and aesthetically pleasing pet portrait company.

Despite having a dominant foothold in Facebook and Instagram timelines, West & Willow had virtually no presence on search engines. No matter what variation of custom pet portrait you searched, West & Willow was coming in on the 7th page of Google results and receiving about 220 clicks a month from those keywords.

Like any smart business, they realized if they wanted to increase their sales, they had to invest in SEO.

West and willow decorative photo

Working like a dog

We painted them a portrait of what success would look like and then got to work. The first key to success was to build a great foundation of backlinks. We reached out to giants in the pet industry, like KONG, who were more than happy to give West & Willow a free guest post on their popular blog.

Building on that momentum, we sent out free pet portraits to dozens of popular pet blogs who would, in turn, review West & Willow. Not only did this result in tons of high quality backlinks; it also got West & Willow lots of great PR and referral traffic from their target audience!

While building up the site’s authority, Paper Box also worked hand-in-hand with West & Willow’s design team through a site redesign, making sure that SEO remained a prime focus.

Photo of founder of west and willow holding a dog

The dog days
are over

After only 10 weeks of cultivating backlinks, West & Willow noticed a drastic improvement. Suddenly those 220 monthly pet portrait seekers from Google turned into 5,000! With this new 5,000 visitor baseline, West & Willow is amongst the top dogs in their industry.  They’re now in the top five results for every single pet portrait keyword, and it only took three months for us to work our magic!

West & Willow’s business is booming now more than ever. We here at Paper Box are proud and are seriously considering buying more pets ourselves just so we can snag more of their portraits.