Smith & Eulo Law firm

Law Firm Has to Hire Full Time Attorney To Keep Up with Increased Demand

  • Average 20% growth in high-intent organic traffic month over month
  • 625% year over year growing in Google Maps clicks and calls
  • Had to hire a full time attorney to keep up with demand
August 2019 - present
Smith and Eulo partner photo
Smith and Eulo partner photo

Two lawyers  and an SEO company walk into a bar

The two lawyers were young Ken Eulo and Darryl Smith. 3 years earlier, they founded the criminal defense law firm Smith & Eulo in Orlando, Florida, the most competitive city in Florida for law firms. The first thing they did was something so bold that many people would have advised against it.

Photo of a crying lawyer

They invested their entire marketing 

budget into SEO.

No Google Ads or buying leads. They knew SEO was the key to a successful firm. The only problem was…

They hired the wrong SEO agency.

Judges mallet

Murphy’s Law Firm

Where everything that could 
go wrong, does.

Smith & Eulo spent two years spinning their wheels with an SEO agency that was unable to get them notable results. At the two year mark, they hired us to perform an SEO audit and assess their agency - nothing more, nothing less. But after working with us on that initial audit, they quickly changed their mind and handed the reins to us.

We got off to a rough start. As we finished undoing the damage that their previous agency did to their SEO, Google unveiled a new algorithm shift that plummeted Smith & Eulo’s rankings even more. To assure them we were in it for the long haul and not another dud, we offered to defer billing until results started coming in. They graciously declined the offer and we worked harder than ever to correct course.

Photo of the scales of justice

Laying down 
the law

So how did we do it? We could tell you about the Google Maps trick we implemented that tripled their visibility overnight, but that’s a story of its own. We could tell you about the time the firm got a high profile case and we leveraged the ensuing media blitz to get a backlink from Buzzfeed and the largest Orlando news site, but I’m sure you don’t have time for that.

No, the long and short of it is we did everything in our playbook:
  • Directory citations
  • Strategic internal linking
  • Deconstructing competitor tactics
  • Using the unconventional “testimonial link building” to get backlinks from and other popular legal services sites.

Those are just the highlights. If I listed everything, we’d be here all day.

Map Pack: The key to success

If you know one thing about local SEO you know it comes down to getting into the Map Pack

6 months into our engagement with Smith & Eulo, they lived in the map pack. Thanks to our creative and unrelenting approach, they’re now the first firm you see when you search for the biggest keywords like Orlando criminal lawyer, criminal defense attorney and countless others, resulting in a 625% increase in clicks and calls over the first year.

Map pack before shot Map pack after shot

We fought the law and we won

And people started noticing. Namely, competitors. They began to adopt the tactics we used to dominate searches. It was clear we had reached the glass ceiling in Orlando, so what did we do? We expanded into different areas.

Not neglecting Orlando, we worked hands on with Smith & Eulo to expand to new cities in Central Florida. We diligently worked with them, setting up office space, phone numbers, and new Google Maps listings. Find another SEO company that would do that!

This resulted in 30% more leads on top of Orlando, which they continue to dominate! The best part is we did this in just under 3 months.

All in all, in just one year, Smith & Eulo went from a struggling two-man team to hiring a new attorney and expanding offices across the region. Their decision to invest 100% of their marketing budget in SEO paid off and now they’re one of the fastest growing law firms in Central Florida. Smith & Eulo’s journey has been amazing, and we continue to be thrilled to just be along for the ride!