Smith & Eulo Law firm

Law Firm Hires 10 Full-Time Attorneys To Keep Up with Increased Demand

  • Average 120% increase in organic leads year-over-year for 4 years
  • 625% year-over-year growth from 2019 to 2021
August 2019 - present
Smith and Eulo partner photo
Smith and Eulo partner photo

Humble Beginnings

In 2016, Smith & Eulo Law Firm opened in Orlando, FL, the most competitive city in Florida for legal SEO. 

The first thing they did was something so bold that many would have advised against it.

They invested their entire marketing budget into SEO. No Google Ads or buying leads. They knew SEO was the key to a successful firm. 

The only problem was they hired the wrong SEO agency.

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Poor SEO Results Stalled the Firm’s Growth

Smith & Eulo spent two years spinning their wheels with a Criminal Law SEO Agency that was unable to get them notable results. That’s when they hired us to perform an SEO audit and assess their agency. 

After we presented our audit and recommendations, they handed the reins to us.

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A Slow Start 

Before we could undo the damage their previous agency did to their SEO, Google unveiled an algorithm update that plummeted Smith & Eulo’s rankings even more. 

5 months in, there weren’t many results to speak of. But Smith & Eulo were in it for the long haul and powered through.

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A Sudden Burst in Rankings

Not long after, their organic search and Google Business Profile rankings skyrocketed all at once. How did we do it?

We could tell you about the novel Google Maps strategy we implemented that tripled their visibility overnight, but that’s a story of its own.

We could tell you about the time we leveraged one of the firm’s high profile cases to get a backlink from Buzzfeed and the largest Orlando news site, but that would take all day.

The long and short of it is we did everything in our playbook, including:

  • Getting them listed in high-impact business directories
  • Strategic internal linking
  • Deconstructing competitor tactics
  • Using the unconventional “testimonial link building” to get backlinks from and other popular legal services sites.

Thanks to our creative and unrelenting approach, they became the first firm you see when you search for the biggest keywords like Orlando criminal lawyer and criminal defense attorney, resulting in a 850% increase in organic clicks and calls over the first year.

We Fought the Law and Won

It wasn’t just people in need of legal services that started noticing Smith & Eulo. Competitors began to adopt the tactics we used to dominate the search landscape. 

While maintaining our dominance in Orlando was a top priority, it was clear we had reached the glass ceiling in the city, so we expanded into new areas.

We got their site ranking in four other cities in Central Florida, and eventually six cities in South Florida. We diligently worked with them to set up office space, phone numbers, and Google Business Profiles. This expansion resulted in a 275% increase in organic leads over 1 year.

SEO Domination

Riding this momentum, we built out their blog and translated their site to Spanish to capture the millions of Spanish speakers in their target area.  

Now they rank #1 for countless local and national keywords. To this day, they continue to grow their organic presence throughout Florida.

In just four years, Smith & Eulo went from a struggling, small firm to one of the fastest growing law firms in Central Florida. They are a regional powerhouse, all thanks to Criminal Law SEO. To this day, they continue to have SEO as their sole marketing channel.  

Since starting with us, they’ve gone from 3 to 13 full time attorneys on staff. Smith & Eulo’s journey has been amazing, and we continue to be thrilled to be along for the ride!