5 Reasons Why Your Medical Company Needs a Blog

For medical companies, blogging can be one of the most important ways to improve online visibility and reach your ideal patients/customers.

Does your medical company need a blog? 

The answer is a resounding “yes!” - blogging provides many long-term benefits to medical companies in terms of online visibility, getting new patients, retaining existing patients, building relationships, and more. 

Starting or maintaining a blog may sound like a time-intensive, intimidating task, but improving your medical company’s online visibility is one of its most important pillars. 

Below, we’ll discuss the top reasons why your medical company needs a blog and provide in-depth examples of how a blog can benefit your medical business overall. 

1. Medical Company Blog = More Traffic 

This is the most obvious reason for starting a blog: online visibility. After all, your ideal patient can’t benefit from your services if they don’t know you exist. 

A recent study suggested 89% of people Google their symptoms and treatment options before asking a doctor. That’s where your blog comes in to share critical information in your specialty, advising people to contact your office if needed. 

The traffic can be targeted to your area, relevant to your niche, and attract the exact type of patient you want to help. By creating blog articles around these topics, you also signal to Google what you do and where you do it. This gives you a better chance of driving highly relevant traffic to your website. 

2. Position Your Company As Industry Experts

Frequently updating a blog gives your medical company more authority in the eyes of your potential patients, the general public, and search engines. 

Think of your blog as your company's portfolio or resume, sharing your knowledge, services, and specialties along the way. This will cultivate trust with both people and search engines, establish you as an authority, and thus rank higher in Google for specific keywords related to your practice. 

To sum it up, blogs are like in-depth portfolios for potential customers to read before deciding to inquire about your products and services. If there’s no portfolio for them to look at, then they’ll probably go in a different direction. 

3. Educate & Nurture Potential Patients

Answering common questions about your specialty can provide upfront value to potential patients and the general public. Going back to the previous point, this positions your company as an authority in your niche with the ability to provide novel solutions. 

Examples of answering common topics could include anything from home remedies to misconceptions and even tutorials on certain products or techniques. The whole point is to familiarize readers with your expertise and let them know that you can provide specialized solutions related to the topic at hand. 

4. Passive Way To Get More Patients/Customers

The great thing about a blog is that it can scale up quickly. Unlike paid or traditional advertising, you can blog a few times a month and that content will keep attracting visitors for years. 

Of course, you’ll want to update information accordingly, but it’s mostly a “set it and forget it” type of strategy. From here, you can double down on ideas that work well and create more content around that topic - as long as it's related to your products/services and attracting the right type of people to your website. 

5. Blogging Is The Backbone Of Online Visibility 

Everyone knows that medical companies need websites, but adding a blog is the real way to make your website work. 

On the blog, you can discuss topics related to your product/services in-depth, answer common questions about your specialty, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. 

Think of the blog as a way to attract your ideal patients or customers to your website - increasing the probability that they will contact you if they need more specialized solutions for their particular situation. 

How Can I Make Sure the Right People Find My Medical Blog? 

Use your medical company’s blog to write only about topics related to your product or service offerings. Sometimes, it’s tempting to comment on the current trend, but it’s usually best to stay on topic and give information only related to your specialty. This way, a large percentage of your traffic will be made up of people who can benefit from your products and services. 

What If I’m Looking to Attract Only Local Patients? 

This is where keyword research plays a very important role. You will target specific keywords in your niche and layer them with local SEO language to ensure that local people are more likely to read your blog. 

Is It Hard to Maintain A Medical Blog? 

It depends on experience, time available, and the scale of the blog you are looking for. If your medical company doesn’t have the time or expertise to maintain its blog, hiring a reliable SEO provider for medical practices is a great option. 

These providers have experts who know how to increase online visibility for medical companies. They can maintain and optimize your blog while boosting your entire site to gain more traction. 

What If My Medical Company’s Blog Doesn’t Get Traction? 

It can take time for a medical blog to start seeing regular traffic. However, people usually see compounding results over time. In other words, once Google starts to rank a few of your blog articles, that can prop up the rest of your website and boost your overall performance. Then it’s easier to rank new blog articles moving forward. 

It’s also important to have an optimized approach to give yourself the best chance of success. This is where specialized medical company SEO providers can help with tailor-made strategies, keyword research, premium content creation, and technical fixes to put your blog on the right path. 

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